Classes 2 Days

The classes for the 2 Days are the following:

  • M10, W10, M12, W12, M14, W14, M16, W16, M18, W18, M20, W20, M Elite, W Elite, MA, WA, M35, W35, M40, W40, M45, W45, M50, W50, M55, W55, M60, W60, M65, W65, M70, W70, M75, W75.
  • It is possible also enroll in the DIRECT category for all stage in Venice. Registration also the day of the race directly to the race office.

Register your team on the – Online registration -. You’ll receive a confirmation mail.
Then follow the instruction to register people to MOV and Kindergarten.
With every registration or change you will receive a confermation mail.